Educational-methodical work

Since September 2017, taking into account the state of health care for children the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan adopted a decision to reopen the pediatric faculty. On September 1, renewed admission of students according to SES – 2017 to specialty 5V130300 “Pediatrics”, respectively the license number KZ 50 LAA 00,009,777 Ministry of Health for educational activities in “5V130300 – Pediatrics, 5 + 2” on July 20, 2017.

Educational program of undergraduate majoring 5V130300 “Pediatrics”, implemented in the KazNMU named S.Asfendiyarov”  in 2017, has a license to conduct educational activities in this specialty. With the obsession of educational implemented programs in the specialty 5V130300 “Pediatrics” consistent with the mission and purpose of KazNMU. KazNMU determined the model of the educational program “Pediatrics”, which includes an integrated model based on discipline, organ systems, clinical problems and diseases. The university carries out activity on planning, providing, observing, studying and evaluating, improving and ensuring the quality and integrity of the educational program in the specialty “Pediatrics”. Educational program on specialty 5V130300 – “Pediatrics” developed pediatric faculty chairs KazNMU accordance with GOSO- 2017 (approved by order of the Minister of Health №530 from July 17, 2017). Higher education “5V130300 -” Pediatrics “(5 + 2).

At the Chair of Children’s diseases №2 contingent of students presented by Bachelor’s (4-year ), interns and residents on the specialty of pediatrics, neonatology.

Our teachers  –  Karimhanova A.T, Baygazieva G.ZH were in the working group on the development of educational programs in the field of “Pediatrics”, “Neonatology” for interns and residents. According to the regulations for educational process they designed syllabus disciplines:

Specialty “5V130300 -” Pediatrics ” designed syllabus:

– for interns of 6 course: on the subject “Children’s diseases (hospital)” 270/6 (developer – .Karimhanova A.T);

-for interns of 7 course on the subject “Children’s diseases (hospital) 540/12 (developer – .Hituova LK); Neonatology

To residents of 1 year of training in the specialty “Neonatology”  made by Professor Baygazieva G.ZH:

1.Sillabus “Neonatology of 1 and 2 levels in maternity units” (32/1440)

2.Sillabus “Outpatient neonatology» ( 4/180)

3.Sillabus “Neonatal Neurology” (90/2)

4.Sillabus “Neonatology”


For Residents of second 2 years the training on the specialty  Neonatology :

  1. ‘The Monitoring of the infectious status of mother and child’ (Elective)

Disciplines and student body:

For the 7 course elective courses in the specialty Pediatrics 5V130300 by Professor Baygazievoy G.ZH:

  1. “Algorithmfor neonatal resuscitation. Asphyxia of the newborn “(90/2)
  2. “Treating of  LBW infants and children with the straight prolonged jaundice  “(90/2).

For Master degree students (syllabus) –developed by Karimhanova A.T

  1. Laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods of lysosomal diseases

speciality: 6M110100 “Medicine”

  1. The role of infectious factors in perinatal pathology of the mother and child

speciality: 6M110100 “Medicine”


Since 2017 into  the educational process implemented educational programs

On our Chair by teaching   of Basic disciplines and components of choice for   4 bachelors course in the specialty “General Medicine”, interns of 6,7 courses, residents.

For the students of 4 courses conducted the disciplines: “Fundamentals of Childhood Illness”, “Pathology and physiology of the newborn”

“Childhood diseases” – 4 course (International Medical Faculty),

“Childhood diseases (hospital)” – 6  course in the direction of Pediatrics.

(Intern training is conducted by GOSO 2017 program direction appropriate educational training internship)

“Pediatrics” on the specialty 5V130100- ‘General medicine”, developed in accordance with the highest GOSO special education, approved by Order of the Acting Ministry of health on July 31, 2015 № 647 .

“Children diseases (hospital)” – on 7 th year in the direction of PediaGOSO in 2006 for an internship on a specialty “Pediatrics”. A typical training program on specialty “General practice” approved by order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 734 of October 26, 2011

“Children diseases in the hospital – for residents 2 years of training (residency educational program on speciality 6R114200 – Pediatrics approved by order №551 from 02.10.2017, developed in accordance with GOSO residency, approved by order.  Ministry of Health from July 31, 2010 № 647 “On approval of state compulsory standards and standard professional training of medical and pharmaceutical programs

specialties on January 30, 2008 №28.

Neonatology for residents of 1,2 course of education (educational program on a specialty residency 6R114300 – Neonatology have evidence supporting by order №551 from 10.02.2017, developed in accordance with GOSO residency,

approved by Order of the Acting Ministry of Health 31 july 2015, № 647 “On approval of the state compulsory standards and professional standard training programs for medical and pharmaceutical specialties ” , the Regulation on the residency , have evidence supporting the order on January 30, 2008 №28.