Educational work

Information, educational and ideological work is carried out at university based on the education law in RK, the law about youth policy of RK, orders of the Ministries of Health and Education of RK, the Concept of continuous education of the studying youth, the strategic plan of development of educational and social work in Higher Education Institutions, and also according to requirements of state policy in the field of the higher education.

Main directions of educational work:

  • the organization of informing students and employees, studying of public opinion in collective (the return informing);
  • formation of a civil maturity, patriotism, moral qualities;
  • education of legal culture, prophylaxis of offenses, negative phenomena; promotion of a healthy lifestyle, psychology and pedagogical work;

Civil and patriotic and spiritual and moral education of the students according to traditions of the Kazakh state and carried out by the President and the government of policy, both during studies, and on various non learning actions remains the priority direction in educational work.

Some actions of patriotic character have been taking place in the department:

  • Independence Day, Day of unity of the people, Day of the Fatherland Defender, Victory Day, meetings with veterans of health service;

There take place the solemn meetings and concerts devoted:

  • To the international March 8;
  • To day of the medic;
  • To the Teachers’ Day;
  • Evenings of rest with participation and a celebration of the best teachers and students, honored doctors.