Training and methodological support.

Training and methodological support.

Actual curriculum department internship and residency in neurology at the 2013-2014 school year:

6th year internship

  1. Internship in the preparation of «General practitioners» modulo «Neurology»
  2. Internship in the preparation of «Doctor — GP» modulo «Neurology»
  3. Residency in «Neuropathology, including children»

Textbooks on neuroscience to prepare students:

«Methods of clinical assessment of neurological patients’

«Modern approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis»

«Recommendations for the management of patients with stroke»

«Parkinsonism. A new era in the treatment of»

«The problem of vascular dementia»

«Stroke. Diagnosis, the management of patients on pre-hospital treatment»

«Exercising in the regenerative therapy of stroke patients”


List of recommended books for the preparation of interns and residents to employment in neurology

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