The Department of internship and residency in neurology.

The Department of internship and residency in neurology.


The Department of internship and residency in neurology was organized by the Higher School of Medicine of the Kazakh National Medical University in August 2012. The number of the order is 1594 from 01.09.2012. The Department manages by MD, professor Kamenova Saltanat Ualihanovna, a graduate of the Moscow School of Neurology — Neurology Research Center, Moscow. Kamenova S.U. Kazakhstan is the president of the National Association of the Stroke, a member of the World Stroke Organization.


Kamenova Saltanat Ualihanovna

Supervisor Chair Doctor of Medicine, Professor


The department is guided by the State of educational standards and other regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of higher education, orders and directives of the Ministry of Education and Science, by the orders of the rector of KazNMU named by S.D. Asfendiyarov, by the decisions of the Academic Council and the Academic Council of Graduate Medical School, by the Regulation of the department.

The  great educational, methodical and educational work is carried out at the Department. System principle of presentation, multi-component training, including lectures, conducting workshops and seminars in neurology, allows you to send to interns, residents of the department the latest results of the researches  and developments for the practical public health.

At the department  introduced interactive teaching methods, such as presentations, video consultation, computer training, role-playing games. The department is equipped with modern teaching aids, video equipment, a neurophysiological laboratory.

With the support of the university in the academic mobility, a group of residents in 2012 was trained in Neurology at the Scientific Center of RAMS, Moscow, the component of the choice was «Functional diagnosis in neurology. The department maintains communication and participates in international scientific meetings in neurology. The members of the department have participated in international conferences (Italy, Brazil, USA, Germany, Austria, Egypt, Israel, Denmark, Russia, etc.), as well as an annual plan and conduct conferences and master classes with professors from near and far abroad.

All members of the department based in clinics and actively involved in the practice.

 The employees of the department of internship and residency in neurology are:

Kamenova Saltanat Ualihanovna- Supervisor Chair Doctor of Medicine, Professor

Klipitskaya Nina Konstantinovna — Associate Professor, PhD.,

Kalmeneva Irina Muhamedjanovna- Associate Professor, PhD .

Kuzhybaeva Karligash Kenjeahmetovna- Associate Professor, PhD

Tuleusarinov Ahmetbek Musabalanovich- MD Professor

Simbinova Adilyam Nurahmetovna- vice principal, assistant

Ostapenko Anatoly Semenovich- Assistant

Nurmuhambetova Bakytgul Rahimbekovna — Assistant

Ospanbekova Dana Manarbekovna -Assistant

Buirakulova Nailya Shapetovna -Assistant

Umutbaeva Gulnara Atretovna- Assistant

Sarbasova Kuanish Sultanbekovna -Assistant

Galim Ajgerim Galimovna- Assistant

Sharaphanova Aksholpan Meyrhanovna — trainee teacher