KazNMU № 1 GPs internship residency department.

№ 1GPs intership rezidency department by the order of the Health Committee N 500 from the 12th of October, 1999.

1Clinical bases of the department are: City clinic № № 1,2,3,5,9,12,14,15,16 and MC «Avicenna»

Head — Doctor of Medicine, Professor M.C. Kultayev

Currently there are 40 tutors working at cathedra, 1 of them are M.D. and 5 of them are Candidates of Medical Science (CMs).

Monthly 2 times cathedra holds a meeting with staff of the Department, to discuss current problems and issues, exchange views and suggestions.

Interns and  residents training process includes: clinical analysis, consultation, clinical rounds at clinical-diagnostic departments, workshops, thematic dissections, the development of practical skills, participation and organization of scientific and practical, pathology conferences.

Control of intern’s knowledge takes the following forms: the current, the semi-annual and final attestation.