Happiness with tear in eyes

29 April of 2015 in act hall of national center of urology named after B.Y.Zharbosinov. for celebration from 70 th victory .victory had been carried out in form of student conference in team of (happiness with tear in eyes).under leadership of professor Sengirbaev D .U

11_24 (1) group of general medicine(GM) had been prepared presentation about soviet soldier P.Coshcarbaev .director Nisanbaev.A.D with combination of student of 57_1 group of general medicine carried out technical preparation of drama .assistant Ispossunova G.A responsible of education in module with 57_2 group of general medicine had been prepared the scenic of the drama .

Assistant Sorancheev A.Z with student of 57_2 group carried out selection of poetry ,song in military .each student toke part actively in preparation of conference . it is include searching of material, video material ,preparation of presentation .

It had been taken the photo and video of called drama .

The material had been saved in achieve of urology module and it had been sent to site of kaz N.M.U named after S.G Asfendiarov

Responsible of education: Ispossunova G.A