Department of internship and residency of a general practitioner № 3 in Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D.Asfendiyarov.

Department of internship and residency of general practice № 3 was organized in 2012 on the basis of SCPE “City polyclinic № 20” (order number 25 of 06.10.2012. based on solution № 1 of 31.08.12.).

1From 2012, the head of the department isanassistant professor Akazhanov N.A. Member of the European Association of Urology, MD. In 2011, was awarded the title “Best Doctor of the Year” in Almaty, islisted in the Encyclopedia “Best health workers”, and in 2012 hewasawarded the Jubilee Medal “100 years of D.A. Kunayev “. In 2012 hewasawarded the title of “best manager in the health sector” of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As part of the staff of the department – 3 associate professors, 6 MD, physicians with the first and higher medical category.

Employees of the department tbeing innovative and research projects together with doctors from practical health, master classes for doctors, interns and residents.


At the department trained interns and residents in the specialty “general practitioner.”

Preparation of scientific projects of interns is conducted.