Educational and methodological work

The structure of the educational and methodological work of the department includes the following areas: educational and methodological support of the educational process; intra-department control and mutual attendance of classes by teachers of the department, innovative forms and methods of teaching; the release of teaching tutorials; professional development of employees.
Syllabuses are updated annually, discussed at the department and reviewed by the “Educational programs (including teaching methods)” group of the Commission on educational programs according to the approved Syllabus examination certificate (Standardized operational procedure “Compilation, discussion, approval of syllabuses” (Order No. 5 dated 01/14/2020). After a positive assessment , the syllabus is approved at a meeting of the Commission on educational programs (annually, at the beginning of the academic year) and approved by the dean of the faculty of internship and residency, with subsequent uploading to the information system of KazNMU “Sirius”.
Monitoring of the compliance of teaching methods in relation to the disciplines or topics of educational pragrammes is carried out during the academic year, both at the department (through the mechanism of intra-department control) and by the “Monitoring of the educational process” group of the Commission on educational programs (Standardized operational procedure “Monitoring of the educational process” (order No. 4, dated 14.01. 2020), Academic Quality Assurance Commission, Dean’s Office.