The staff of the department

Iskakov Baurzhan Samikovich

MD, Ph.D., professor, doctor of the highest qualification category therapist, Department of Health Almaty gastroenterologist

In 1977 he graduated from the medical faculty of the Karaganda State Medical Institute. Until 1981 he worked as a district physician in City Clinical Hospital №4 of Karaganda. From 1981 to 1991 – senior laboratory assistant, then assistant of the Department of Hospital Therapy №2 of Karaganda State Medical Institute.

In 1988 he defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences on the topic “The diagnostic value of determination ferments AST, alkaline phosphatase, and ChE in chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver”.

1991-1997, – Karaganda regional diversified medical-diagnostic center – the head of the advisory department, then – head of the scientific department.

1997-2009 y – Head of the Department of Therapy of South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy (Shymket).

In 2004 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the theme “Prevalence and course of chronic gastritis in rural areas residents of Karaganda region, adjacent to the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site.”

In 2004 he was awarded a medal of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Excellent Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

Baurzhan Samikovich Iskakov is the author of 160 articles, methodological recommendations. Supervised research work 3-employees, defended his thesis. Constantly participates in national and international conferences.

In 2016 he participated in the European Gastroenterology Week (Gastro Update Europe – Prague.-April 2016) with the presentation of a poster entitled “Predictors of the hypoxemic damage of a liver at cardiogenic shock”.


In October of 2016 on the personal initiative B.S.Iskakov supported by the Health Department of Almaty established scientific and practical society of gastroenterologists Almaty.

Research areas – gastroenterology. The works devoted to the study of pathogenetic mechanisms of the effect of environmental factors, Helicobacter pylori, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on oragny digestion and development of methods for their treatment. In the field of hepatology conducted the study isoenzymes enzymes, cholinesterase serum in chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. In recent years, is studying the features of liver damage in patients with cardiovascular disease.


Aymahanova G.T.


PhD, associate professor, physician of the highest category

[email protected]


24.06.1998g KazNMU,

SRI K and the WB,Alma-AtaGR 03 064 0115RK2015-2016″The influence of lifestyle and medical factors on the theme of aging and increasing longevity of the population of active life”50 publications, including , methodical recommendations, 33 articles, 16 abstracts.



Ahmentaeva D.A.


PhD, associate professor, doctor-endocrinologist highest category


1.ada¬[email protected]

K.m.n 23.10.2007g.

KazNMUAlmaty cityDocent 2010 KazNMU31 publications, including 21 articles, 10 abstracts;1 patent1 methodical recommendation,


Erdesova K.E.


Professor, doctor-endocrinologist highest category

8777 255 6564

uerdesova @ mail ru

PhD, 18.04.1996g. Institute of Nutrition, Almaty

MD, 31.05.2006g NIIK and the World Bank,

KazNMU Almaty

2013-2015 «Organization of production of the drug and Tagansorbent BAA-s food out of the mineral montmorillonite, with the creation of the raw material base” funding MES

219 scientific publications, 3 monographs, 2 textbooks, the official language, 9 methodical recommendations, 36 RK patents, 24 ratsionalizatoskih proposals



Kabulbayev Kairat Abdullauly


Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor


[email protected]

Graduated Aktyubinsk State Medical Institute in 1996г

Scientific activity is devoted to topical issues of nephrology: post-transplant nephropathy of the kidney transplant, clinical and morphological variants of glomerular diseases

Participated in scientific grants: A) Epidemiological study “Early Diagnosis of CKD” 2006 – 2007, initiated by the Association of Nephrologists of Kazakhstan.

  1. B) Intra-University grant “Early markers of Nephrotic Syndrome” 2012
  2. C) Multicenter observational study “OCEANOS” – on the study of clinical practice and therapeutic approach of mineral-bone disorders in CKD 4.5 and 5D stages, 2013 – 2014,

Has more than 85 scientific publications, 8 methodological recommendations and teaching aids, 1 textbook “Nephrology” in Kazakh language.



Kulkayeva Makpal Nurgaziyevna




[email protected]м

Graduated Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical Univercity in 2009

Scientific publications: 9 publications, 1 stend-report, “Nephrology” co-authored textbook

Научные публикации:


Ғылыми  еңбектер мен  әдістемелік жұмыстардың атауы Жұмыс сипаттамасы Басылымның, журналдың аты (№, жылы), шыққан орны Баспа бетінің саны Біріккен авторлар аты-жөні
1 2 3 4 5 6
Қазақстан Республикасы Білім және ғылым министрлігінің Білім және ғылым саласындағы бақылау Комитеті ұсынатын

басылымдарда шыққан ғылыми еңбектердің тізімі

1. Анализ эффективности вакцинации против гепатита В по стандартным и ускоренным схемам у детей, находящихся на лечении программным гемодиализом баспа Вестник Медицинского центра Управления делами Президента Республики Казахстан – 2012. 5 Чингаева Г.Н., Казбекова Г.К., Нугманова А.М., Амреева З.К., Кулкаева М.Н.
2. Генетически обусловленные варианты стероидрезистентного нефротического синдрома баспа «ҚазҰМУ хабаршысы» ғылыми-практикалық журналы, 2012, №2, 214-215 б. 2 Чингаева Г.Н., Қабылбаев Қ.А.,

Әбеуова  Б.А.,

Нұғманова А.М.

Кулкаева М.Н.

3. Новые аспекты в изучении мембранопролиферативного гломерулонефрита баспа Журнал: Қазақстан урология және нефрологиясы №3 (4) 2012, 101-104 4 Канатбаева А.Б.

Кабулбаев К.А.

Кулкаева М.Н.

Алимжанова Э.Б.

Амреева З.К.

Шетелдік халықаралық конференциялардың материалдарында шыққан ғылыми еңбектердің тізімі
4. Қышқыл-сілтілік және электролит балансы бұзылыстарымен сипатталатын тубулопатиялар баспа Журнал: Педиатрия и детская хирургия №2, 2015, стр. 156-158 2 Кулкаева М.Н.

Алимжанова Э.Б.

5. Вирусный гепатит «В» в детских отделениях гемодиализа республики Казахстан, г.Алматы Стендті доклад Неделя нефрологии 2015.

15-19 сентября 2015г. Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Кулкаева М.Н.

Дочупайло Ю.Л.

6. Сравнительная оценка различных видов иммуносупрессивной терапии стероидрезистентного нефротического синдрома у детей баспа Сборник тезисов II конгресса нефрологов ННГ, 25-27 апрель, 2012, Алматы, стр.147-149 3 Абеуова Б.А. Чингаева Г.Н. Кулкаева М.Н.

Амреева З.К.

Алимжанова Э.Б.

7. «Инфекция мочевыводящих путей у пациентов с сахарным диабетом» Баспа Журнал: Педиатрия и детская хирургия №2, 2014, стр. 156-158 Г.Н.Чингаева, К.А.Момынов, М.Н. Кулкаева,

Амреева З.К.

Алимжанова Э.Б.

8. «Особенности врожденных заболеваний почек и   кишечника у детей» Баспа Журнал: Педиатрия и детская хирургия №2, 2014, стр. 156-158 Г.Н.Чингаева, К.А.Момбаев, Э.Б.Алимжанова, М.Н. Кулкаева
13. Влияние левамизола на результаты вакцинации детей, получающих програмный гемодиализ баспа Научно-практический медицинский журнал, материалы II международного Казахско-Турецкого конгресса по нефрологии 12-14.06.2014, стр. 72-74 3 Чингаева Г.Н.

Нугманова А.М.

Кулкаева М.Н.

Алимжанова Э.Б.

 14. Вирусный гепатит В в детских отделениях гемодиализа РК баспа Научно-практический медицинский журнал, материалы II международного Казахско-Турецкого конгресса по нефрологии 12-14.06.2014, стр. 74-75 2 Чингаева Г.Н.

Нугманова А.М.

Кулкаева М.Н.

Алимжанова Э.Б.

Учебник «Нефрология», 2016г, в составе авторского коллектива


Shepetov Abay Musayevich


Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor

+7 701 768 5723

[email protected]

Graduated Alma-Ata State Medical Institute in 1992

Scientific publications:  he and co-authors published more than 150 scientific publications. 2 monographs, 1 manual and 5 methodical recommendations were published. He has 8 copyright certificates for inventions.



Isinova G.N.


PhD, associate professor, physician of the highest category


[email protected]

PhD, 26.09.1990g ASMI Almaty

ASMI, Almaty

79 publications, including 6 guidelines, 1 monograph, 61 articles, 11 abstracts.




Kabduldanov S.A.


Assistant physician of the highest category


[email protected]

10 publications, including 8 articles, 2 theses;



Kamalov Bayan Bizhanovna


PhD, associate professor, physician of the highest category

8707 11 44 ​​620

[email protected]

He graduated from Almaty State Medical Institute. SD Asfendiyarov in 1994 y.

Publication – 33, including guidelines



Kapsultanova D.A.


PhD, associate professor, physician of higher category, cardiologist

8777 2443407

[email protected]

K.m.n 07.04.2004g.


Almaty city

Associate Professor 08.10.2010, KazNMU

55 publications, including 33 articles, 22 abstracts,

1 patent



Kedelbaeva K.M.


Assistant, cardiologist 1 category

8701 3799257

[email protected]

9 publications, including 6 articles, 3 theses;



Kossanov Alia Kaparkanovna


Regalia – Professor, Department of Internal Medicine №2 with a course related disciplines KazNMU, MD


  • Doctoral thesis on “Myelodysplastic syndromes in residents of Almaty” on a specialty 14.00.29 – Hematology and blood transfusion, the doctor of medical degree. Science № 0000240 from 25.12.2007
  • Academic rank of assistant professor in the specialty medicine diploma number 0005136 from 20.09.2002, the
  • The certificate number 021 005 on awarding the highest category of therapy, reg. №112 from 29.02.2012, the

Contact  +77772545278

e-mail: [email protected]



  • 1983-1989 Alma-Ata State Medical Institute, medical faculty
  • 1989-1991 . Alma-Ata State Medical Institute, Department of Hospital Therapy № 1 clinical residency in internal medicine
  • 1991-1994 . Kazakh National Medical University. SD Asfendiyarov; Department of Hospital Therapy № 1; Full-time post-graduate
  • 2001-2004 Kazakh National Medical University. SD Asfendiyarov; Department of Internal Medicine № 2; Full-time Doctorate


Scientific activity – Hematology

Grants – no

Scientific work, publications

  • Kossanov A.K. Sabyrbaeva G.A. Therapeutic aspects of the regulation of apoptotic activity in chronic myeloid leukemia // Collection of materials of XXII Russian National Congress “Man and medicine”, abstracts. – Moscow. – 6-10 April 2015 – pp 90-91.
  • Kossanov AK The morphological features of blood formation in patients with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia // Herald KazNMU. – Almaty. – 2015. – № 1. – S. 133-135.
  • A total of 124 printed works, of which the last 3 years – 31, teaching aids – 2 guidelines – 2.



Nurgaliyev G.K.


Professor, the highest category physician, cardiologist of the highest category

8777 249 2553

[email protected]

PhD 09.01.1994 Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal medicine, Almaty.

MD 24.02.2004 Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal medicine, Almaty.

Professor 28.09.2015, KazNMU

GR 03 064 0115RK


“The influence of lifestyle and medical factors on the rate of aging and increase longevity of the resource of the active population”

120 publications, including 3 monographs, 5 methodical recommendations, 4 patents, 65 articles, 43 thesis



Ospanov Shynar Oralbaevna


Assistant, physician

[email protected]

She graduated from the Kazakh National Medical University named after SD Asfendiyarov in 2011; in 2013 he graduated from the residency in internal medicine at the Almaty State Institute of Advanced Medical



Rustamova Farida Erashimovna


PhD, cardiologist

The mobile telephone. 87016625736

[email protected]

published more than 10 scientific papers, guidelines, 2.



Smailova F.K.


Assistant physician of the highest category


flura-kentau @ mail, ru

47 publications, including 35 articles, 10 abstracts;

1 methodical recommendation

1 monograph



Toksanbaeva Gulzhan Tynyshbekovna


assistant, physician therapist of the highest category

8777745 27 56

[email protected]

Higher medical, ASMI 1990-1996, clinical

Residency in Internal Medicine – 1996-1998 gg.

Problem diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular


not to participate

Scientific publications – 35 articles and abstracts.