Educational programs

General Medicine 5B130100 – “Oncogynecology” module “Basics of Obstetrics and Gynecology” – 4 course (2 credits);
“Oncology for adults, children” module “Fundamentals of resuscitation and oncology in the work of General practitioners” – 5 course (2 credits).

6 course 5В130100 “General Medicine”, direction of training ” General practice”

in the specialty 7R09124 “Oncology (adult)”
The mission of the educational program in the specialty 7R09124 “Oncology (adult)” is aimed at realizing the mission of the University by training a qualified doctor, an oncologist with a system of universal knowledge and professional competencies, capable and ready for independent professional activity in the treatment of oncological diseases.

IV. DOCTORATE in the specialty “Medicine”
Syllabuses in three languages of instruction, control and measuring instruments have been developed for all taught disciplines, for each course, according to the Educational programs.
At the department, students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with lecture material, videos, video library and electronic textbooks, materials of scientific and practical conferences, legal documents regulating the work of an oncologist. Teachers teach in the state, Russian and English languages. The staff of the department prepared materials in 3 languages.