Educational activity

The Department trains students, interns, residents of related disciplines, undergraduates and doctoral programs:

Вachelor degree: 

– 5B130100 “General medicine” discipline “Clinical pharmacology”, 5th year

– 5B110300 “Pharmacy”, discipline “Pharmacotherapy” 2 course accelerated training on the basis of higher and secondary special education and 5 course


– 5B110300 “General medicine” direction “VOP”, 6 courses.


– R042 “Clinical Pharmacology”

For the 2019-2020 academic year, residents for the first time entered the Department of Clinical Pharmacology:Utepova S.I., Nurgazieva G.E., Boranbaeva G.S., Yermantai B.E., Kupenova MB, Kalmanova A.B., Aliuly S., Musabaev E.M., Sataev A., Makhatova G.D.


Master’s degree

– 6M110100 «Medicine»

Doctoral study

-6D110100 «Medicine»

The Department is actively involved in the implementation of the development strategy of the University in the coming years, constantly growing and developing in theoretical terms, supports the spirit of creativity and business cooperation, participates in the formation of a new competitive generation of young doctors and scientists.

Classes are conducted in the state, Russian and English languages. In order to achieve the Mission of the University, the Department carries out a lot of educational and methodical work, ensuring the conduct of the educational process at a high level, actively introducing new educational technologies.