Research work

The main scientific areas of research in Professor B.B. Jarbussynov issues of mental health, protection and strengthening, prevention, psycho-hygiene, psychotherapy of psychosomatic and narcological disorders, child-teen psychiatry and psychotherapy.

The main directions of scientific activity in associate professor Bespalov Yu.I. are the study of general psychopathology, a clinic of major mental illnesses in a wide age range from adolescence to the elderly based on their own clinical material.

The main directions of scientific activity of associate professor Dzhamantayeva M.Sh. diagnostic issues, including immunological aspects of the diagnosis of mental and narcological disorders; treatment and prevention of mental and behavioral disorders; protection and strengthening of mental health.

Employees of the department were protected theses:

Doctoral theses – 1:

  1. Dzharbusynova Botagoz Bineshovna

Candidate theses – 4:

  1. Bespalov Yuri Ivanovich – Associate Professor of the Department
  2. Jamantaeva Mariam Shokparovna – Associate Professor of the Department
  3. Bespalova Lyudmila Yurievna – Associate Professor of the Department
  4. Sitakanova Aygul Sansyzbaevna – assistant of the department


FULL NAME. doctoral candidate
Dzharbusynova B.B. Current state of mental health of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan  
Bespalov Yu.I.   Hallucinatory disorders in adolescence
Jamantayeva M.Sh.   Hypochondriacal disorders in various clinical variants of schizophrenia
Bespalova L.Yu.   Depressive adaptation reactions (clinical-psychopathological features
Sitakanova A.S.   Diagnosis of mental disorders in infancy and early childhood with manifestations of hospitalization