Doctoral (PhD)program

Postgraduate and  professional education at the Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asphendiyarov  offers training in Residency and at Master’s and Doctoral (PhD) levels.
KazNMU named after S.D.Asphendiyarova conducts doctoral (PhD) program in the  following specialities:


ID Name ofspecialization Training dates

Doctoral (PhD)

11. Healthcare and social support (medicine)

  6D110200 Public Health 3 years
  6D110400 Pharmacy 3 years

7. Technical Sciences and Technology

  6D074800 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology 3 years

Training in doctoral program is carried out in two directions:

  • profile;
  • scientific and educational


The duration of development of doctoral educational program in each specialization is 3 years.

Individuals who mastered educational program of scientific and educationaldoctorate is awarded the academic degree of doctor PhD

Individuals who mastered educational program of profile doctorate is awarded the  degree of doctorate (according to the chosen speciality)

An application process for  the Doctor’s PhD degree  in universities  is held  from  the 20th of June  to the 20th of July.

Entrance exams  are carried out from the 1st  to the 20th of August, enrollment is up to 31st of August.
Citizens entering the doctorate take entrance exams:

1)in one of the foreign languages (English, French, German);

2) Speciality.


Foreign citizens  applying for  the doctorate take entrance exams:

1)Kazakh  or Russian languages (the language of instructions);

2) Speciality.