An independent course of tuberculosis in ASMU was organized in 1935 (Order № 109 of October 23, 1935), as an Assistant Professor was nominated Baigurin Alzhan Mahmudovich, young scientist, published in Kazakh and Russian languages. On the basis of the course was organized tuberculosis department of Kazakh national medical university from November 12, 1941, by order of the Committee of Higher Education CPC (the Council of People’s Commissars) USSR on November 4, 1941 № 137.

  The first head of the department who was evacuated in years World War II, from Leningrad was Professor M.R. Borok. Over the years, the department was headed by honored outstanding physicians and scientists of RK – professor Ziuzin V.I. (1943 — 1964), docent Hasenov A.N. (1964 — 1975), academician and Vice President of the Academy of Natural Science Republic of Kazakhstan, professor Makseev K.M. (1975 — 1996), academician of Academy of Science, of Russian Academy of Medical Science, of Hamburg Academy of medicine and prophylaxis, of Polish academy of medicine, Professor Muminov T.A. (1996 — 2002) President of the Association of Kazakhstan Phthisiatricians. Since 2002 the department is head by doctor of medicine science, Professor Rakisheva A.S. Currently, the department has: manageress – Professor A.S. Rakisheva; academician T.A. Muminov; deserved figure of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Professor K.M. Makseev; doctor of medicine science N.A. Beysebayev; docents: B.S. Dyusenbekova, N.S. Syzdykova, B.T. Kumysbaeva, L.Sh. Kasenova, A.G. Isaeva, assistants: candidates of medicine science: V.V. Shatskyh, Ch.T. Nurkabaev, P.M. Jazybekova, G.U. Esetova, G.S. Erkenova, U.T. Makulbaeva, assistants: G.A. Auelbekova, Sh.K. Zhumabaeva, H.M. Dautova, N.R. Seithanova, Yu.V. Repina, trainees-teachers: A.H. Ishyngalyeva, residents – A.Kunanbaeva, A.Tileshova, laboratorial G.S. Bayzhanova.     In educational process are used interactive methods of training – work in small groups, a method of «a round table», «brain storm», model clinical situations, the analysis of a critical situation, problem-oriented training, role-playing games, a sketch-lump. The pedagogical informatics is applied to increase of efficiency of educational process – advantage of the new information technology tools, such as electronic textbooks — «The international standards of diagnostics and treatment of tuberculosis «, clinical and radiographic atlas «Tuberculosis of lungs and its differential diagnostics» by academician Muminov T.A., videos, part from which is created by teachers of department: «The training program of demonstration of roentgenograms of various clinical forms of tuberculosis on CD», «Tuberculosis prevention of children», «Microscopy of skills, increases quality and level of knowledge. All members of the department were trained on «Innovative Technologies in Medical Education», «evidence-based medicine», «computer literacy». The department is also engage in professional development of phthisiatricians, education of interns GP, therapists, pediatricians and residents. Employees of the department are engaged not only educational and teaching process, as well as taking an active part in the international scientific life: make presentations and reports at international congresses and symposia, published in international journals. Scientific research work at the department is in various areas of theoretical and practical phthisiology. Performs NTP MOH Grant Fund of the First President, Intrahigh grants (prof. Rakisheva AS) grant Global Health Research Center of Central Asia at Columbia University (prof. Muminov TA). Employees of the department are engaged not only educational and pedagogical process, as well as actively participate in international scientific life: make presentations and reports on international congresses and symposia, published in foreign journals. The program of visiting professor of Phthisiopulmonology organized lectures by leading experts on TB. Over the past 3 years prepared and published 2 textbooks, teaching aids — 2, monographs — 3 Guide – 4. Important role in the department of education given to the future doctor, not only a competent clinician, and multiple personality. Each year, members of the department will organize a meeting for students with veterans of local conflicts «Scorched Afghanistan», themed round tables on the problem of forming healthy lifestyle, anti-corruption. Every year in university dormitories, universities and schools of the city lectures and conversations about early detection and prevention of tuberculosis, Interuniversity Student Conference on World TB Day.