Department of Internship on Therapy and Internal Diseases

The chair of Internship is established on 01.08.1991 by order of rector under No. 205 dated 27.06. 1991 on basis of decree, taken by Ministry of Health under No. 291 dated 04.06. 1991. In  1993-1994  academic year,  the one-year  post-graduation  specialization of  graduate students  is  reduced  up to  4 months in connection with the preparation  of  sub-resident – specialists  had conducted. The purpose of sub-residency is the initial specialization of graduate student on therapy — is more extent and important division of clinical medicine, which knowledge is need for any physician.   The course of professional diseases and alternative medicine    is opened in 1994 -1996 academic year under the chair, which has been transferred at the chair of internal diseases of pediatric and dental departments.  In 1995-1996 the chair was renamed in the chair of hospital therapy No.3

The preparation of   general physician was held at the chair from 1997-1998.  The preparation of  general physician  ( hospital, pediatrician), sub-resident-therapists, specialist in skin and venereal diseases, infection disease doctor, tuberculos-pulmonologist   was held in  1998-1999. For preparation of general physician, the therapy knowledge was  paramount  extent, because  the fundamentals of clinical  thinking  are formed  upon study of internal  diseases.  The students have been studied the skills of medical examination, an ability to  interpret  competently the results of  laboratory- instrumental  examinations, made  differentiated therapy.

From 1999-2000 the chair is reorganized  in the chair of internship  on therapy  by  order of  rector  of university  under No.  207 dated 22.06.1999   on basis of order No.  256 dated 17.05. 1999. The committee of Public Health  Care of Kazakhstan.

The preparation of  doctor- interns, therapists,  phtysiatrists, specialists in skin and venereal diseases,  infection disease doctors, VOP is held in  1999-2000 academic year.

In 2000-2001, the intern-  therapists  and obstetrician- gynecologists have been studied at the chair.

In 2001, the chair  was  consolidated with  the  chair of  faculty  therapy and called  as the chair of  internal diseases  No.1 with courses of exercise therapy, physiotherapy, endocrinology and internship. The students  of 4th course  medical,  pediatric  and  dental departments, interns-therapists, cardiologists, endocrinologists  and  particular specialists  have  studied.

In 2003, the chair was reorganized in the chair of therapy for interns  and  internal diseases of pediatric, stomatologic  and sanitary-hygienic  departments. At the present time,  the preparation of  intern-  therapists, endocrinologists and  adherent specialists on  internal diseases and the  study of  students of  abovementioned departments  is held   at the chair.  The military- filed therapy, professional diseases  have  taught, too.

In 2003 Mss. Arynova Aliya, as intern-cardiologist and  in 2004  Mss.  Abirova Assel, as  intern- therapist  filled  the first place    in Republican  Competition  for Best  Intern  of Medical  High Universities of Kazakhstan.

Mr. Polymbetov  D.S. as the professor, head of the chair , Mrs.  Bamukhamedova  R.O.  as professor;  docents —  Polzik  G.B., Issayeva  B.G.,  Kassenova  S.L.,  Aimakhanova G.T. , Umbetkulova Y.K.,  Shelekhov Y.A.;  assistants-Abdrakhmanova  N.M.,  Grinina  S.A.,  Ruznenova  N.D.,  Zhakenova M.K are worked at the chair.

The research paper  of the chair: “ The clinical and  medication aspects of heart failure upon rheumatic heart disease”, “ The capillary fragility dysfunction upon cardiovascular  diseases”.

18 Ph.D. thesis and 2 doctoral thesis, 3 monographies, 16 methodical recommendations, more 250 research papers, 10 patents  for  innovations, 12 improvement suggestions are published.

The specialists of the chair  have made   general  routine of  internship  on therapy and  qualification characteristics  for intern- therapists which  is p approved by  Board  UMO Medical Universities of Kazakhstan (  the protocol  No.6 dated 29.04. 1999) and Agency of  Public Health Care Affairs of Kazakhstan.

The professor and  docents of the chair  read  the methodical recommendations, articles,  have reviewed  and  opposed  Ph.D. thesis and  doctoral thesis.

The specialists of  the chair always have  taken part in the seminars, conferences,  held in  Kazakhstan and  in  foreign countries.  They have attended with reports  at the congresses and conferences  in foreign countries. The professor –Polymbetov   D.S.  took part in the program of World Health Organization “Cyndi-Kazakhstan” under  National  Center on Problems of  Healthy life-style formation “The struggle with  arterial hypertension” in 1999.   All specialists of the chair  are members of Association of Doctors and  Pharmaceutists of Kazakhstan.

The medical  work is made by   specialists as  supervision over diseased  persons, consultations, participation in  research —  practical conferences in the  main  basic  enterprises  ( Central Clinical Hospital, Medical center under   administrative department of President of Kazakhstan, Central Military Hospital  under Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan, Hospital for  Invalid Persons of  National War, railway hospital, Municipal Clinical Hospital No.1)

The chair took  active part   in the  conduction “  The Year of health”, “ The city  to  village”.