Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Department of Infectious Diseases was organized in 1935. This year, which is  the University’s 85th Jubilee, the Department celebrates 80th anniversary. The courses of epidemiology, clinical immunology and allergy, “HIV-infection and infection control” were included at the Department in different years. Now they are independent units of the University. Today two disciplines, such as «Infectious Diseases» and «Tropical Diseases» (elective course), are taught at all levels – undergraduate, internship and residency – at the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases.

During its existence the Department was headed by Professors Kudryakov VT, Patrick NP, Bartoshevitch EN, Beklemishev IP, Kasatkina IL, Belozerov ES, Karabekov AZ, and Associate professors Reformatskaya AF, Popova SN, Doskozhayeva ST. Since 2008 for today’s the Department is headed by Professor Duisenova AK.

Today there are five Doctors of Medical Sciences: Kurmanova KB, Syzdykov MS, Duisenova AK, Shopayeva GA, Egemberdiyeva RA, three PhD: Seydulaeva LB, Ospanbekova NK, Sadykova AM; assistants Bayhozhayeva RJ, Ergaliyeva AA, Umeshova LA, Utaganov BK, Kashim JK,  and part-time workers: docent Slavko EA, docent Bayekeyeva KT, Aysekenov AK, Zhussupova RT on the Department.

The Department has three clinical sites: City Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital named after  I.S.Zhekenova, Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan, City Hepatology Center. Infectious diseases service falls into the category of emergency and the staff of the Department do most medical advisory work on clinical sites and in medical organizations of the city, region and country.

The priority research areas of the Department are to develop evidence-based innovative aspects of diagnosis and treatment of zoonotic, tick-borne infections, parasitic and tropical diseases, viral hepatitis, and meningitis within sci-tech programs, funded by international funds, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health Care, Asfendiyarov KazNMU.

The Department has organized and hosted a number of international congresses and symposia on Infectious Diseases. Among them, in 2008, for the first time in the CIS and Kazakhstan – 2nd Central Asian International Congress on Infectious Diseases (ECMID); in 2010 – Symposium on Infectious Diseases.

International activities of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases aims to development, improve the quality of education and research activities through the progress of external relations and full integration into the international scientific and educational space. Visiting Professors of the Department are professor Kozlov SS (Military Medical Academy, named after S.M.Kirov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Chief parasitologist of Defense Ministry, Russia), Professor Rudakov NV (Omsk Research Institute of natural focal infections, Russia), Mehmet Dogonay (University of Erciyes, Turkey).