Departement of Internship and Residency of Psychiatry and Narcology


Head of the Department Jarbussynova BB

MD, professor

Doctor of the highest category

Member of the Public Council under the chief psychiatrist of the RK

A member of the Association for Professionals working in the field of Mental Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan;


Departement of Internship and Residency of Psychiatry and  Narcology

The Departement of Internship and Residency of Psychiatry and  Narcologywas formed in September 2012. The head of the Department is Professor MD BotagozJarbussynova. She is a member of the Board of the NGO «Association of professionals working in the field of mental health», author of more than 80 scientific papers including their monographs — 4, 5 methodical guidelines. She is the author of 2 books on psychiatry.

  1. «Psychiatry» in the Kazakh language (co-authored with Professor Kudyarova G.M.) — 2012.
  2. «Psychiatry for general practitioners» — 2013.

She actively participates in national and international symposiums (Madrid, Tenerife, Athens, Barcelona, Nice, Salzburg, Vienna).

Thrice nominated by award of young psychiatrists World Psychiatric Association (Madrid, Hamburg, Cairo).

At the department are trained professionals in the directions:

— residency in the specialty «Psychiatry, including children»

— internship in preparation of the «General Practitioner»

— internship in the preparation of «Doctor — therapist»

The department is represented by highly qualified teaching staff — Professor Ph.D. B.B. Jarbussynova, Docents: Y.I. Bespalov, L.Y. BespalovaM.Sh. Dzhamantaeva., Assistants: A.E. Zheksembin, A.S. Sitakanova, V.S.Boyko, AA Ashimov, V.S.Krasnikova.

There are 1 MD, 3 docents, 4 PhD at the Department, who regularly improve their skills and actively engaged in scientific activities.

Members of the department carry out expert help on a clinical basis «Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Narcology» on all nosological forms of psychiatric illnesses, including childhood.

Staff of the department is responsible for research, participating in conferences at all levels, publishes scientific articles and monographs, developing training manuals, conducts educational work. Employees are published in foreign journals.

In the educational process uses innovative educational technologies.

The department is actively involved in the activities of international and national significance, as well as annual plans and organizes conferences and workshops with the participation of professors from near and far abroad.