Dean internship and residency

The internship in KazNMU namedS.D.Asfendiyarov was organized for graduates of medical and pediatric faculties on the basis resolutions  Government Republic of Kazakhstan from September 28, 1999 № 1469 «About measures for further improvement of medical education in the republic».

After a release of the State Obligatory Standard of Education of 2006 the medical faculty was attached to faculty of vocational training. According to the solution of the Academic council № 7 of February 28, 2012 the dean’s office of vocational training was a part of the Higher medical school of KazNMU (the director of the VMShBalmukhanova A.V.) . In the years of work the organizational and methodical foundation of internship in the directions of preparation was laid: therapist, pediatrician, doctor surgeon, doctor obstetrician-gynecologist, general practitioner, dentist of the general practice. The system of assistance to employment is introduced  since 2007 «Fair of vacancies» is annually carried out, class reunions with employers will be organized, personal distribution of graduates is carried out. Since 2009 clinical bases of faculty are expanded – exit practice of interns in areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out: Almaty, Zhambylsky, Kyzylordinsky, Atyrausky, Mangistausky, West Kazakhstan, Akmolinsky, North Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan.

According to the Law on formation of RK (Government resolution of 27.07. 2007 № 319-III НRK) residency was entered. The first reception is carried out to residency in 2008, 25 doctors on 11 specialties are accepted. The department of postgraduate study, doctoral studies and residency, in 2010 in connection with abolition of postgraduate study and doctoral studies was structural division responsible for training of doctors in residency, the department is transformed to department of residency (the head of department Orazayeva F.G.). Since 2008 in residency 422 doctors on 25 specialties are trained, current academic year 346 residents on 21 specialties, on 26 clinical chairs are trained.

On the basis of the rector’s order № 4943 by 16.10.14. «About reorganization in structure of educational departments» the dean’s office of professional training is transformed into the «internship and residency» dean’s office.  The dean of the faculty was MD, professor, a correspondent member  of the NAS RK Balmukhanova A.V. till September 2015.

Training of interns and residents carry out the skilled faculty where members of National Academy of Sciences, the 66th doctors of medical sciences and 103 candidates of medical sciences enter. Chairs and modules of dean’s office are engaged in scientific researches and educational process, render the huge advisory, medical and diagnostic, methodical and expert help to the organizations of health care on clinical bases of KazNMU and the organizations of health care of the republic. New educational technologies in the form of educational trajectories, successive to specializations of internship and residency are created and introduced.

The staff of faculty participates in implementation of 29 grant scientific projects financed by MES RK and MH RK. The staff of faculty carries out big educational and methodical work. More than 30 educational and methodical grants, 57 methodical grants, 30 educational and methodical grants, 8 textbooks, 8 monographs are in recent years published. Annually PPS publish to 500 articles and theses, participate in not less than in 300 conferences of various level.

In 2014-2015 academic year according to the program of the academic mobility in the Czech Republic, Prague (Karlov university) the lectures «Viziting — Professors» are given, 15 interns and 9 residents were trained. The staff of faculty took place scientific training according to the Bolashak program in medical university Ludwig’s clinic Freiburg (Germany), UCL London (England), Berlin (Germany).

By results of the competition «The Best Chair of University» the chair of internship and residency on by results of the competition «The Best Chair of University» is recognized the chair of internship and residency on obstetrics and gynecology and chair of internship and residency on psychiatry and narcology is recognized.

The Model of personal growth and development of the student according to which all types of educational and welfare activity at university are planned takes root. In 2014-15 academic year the assistant to GP chair Isaeva K.K. is recognized as the best curator of university.

Interns of faculty are prize-winners of exit international conferences – Moscow (the 2nd place), Voronezh (the 2nd place), Sofia (Bulgaria) the 2nd place.

In the republican competition «The Best Graduate of RK» interns 6 and the 7th course took prizes (in 2012-13 academic year – 1 place, in 2013-14 academic year — the 3rd place). At competition of scientific projects of young scientists («Nazarbayev of Universitet») in the sphere of development of new pharmaceutical means on ophthalmology the intern of the 6th course took the 3rd place.

Professor of I&R chair on neurology, MD Turuspekov S. T. during preparation for space flight of the Kazakhstan astronaut A. Aimbetov by the ship «TMA 18M Union» and the postflight period I was the personal doctor of the astronaut.

Today the dean’s office is the main educational, scientific and clinical structural division of University which carries out training at the second step of medical education on one or several related specialties. The dean’s office unites all chairs relating to the specialties included in structure of internship and residency, and also those general scientific and fundamental chairs which according to the content of the work are closest to a profile of the second level of the higher medical education.