1 Бауржан Самикович Искаков


медицина ғылымдарының докторы., профессор

кафедра меңгерушісі


Заведующий кафедрой

доктор медицинских наук., профессор




Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor

Head of Department

The Head of the Chair doctor of medical sciences, professor, therapist of the highest category, chief part-time gastroenterologist of Almaty city, classman of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan BaurzhanIskakov.

The chair was organized in 1980. Till 2012 the chair was managed by doctor of medical sciences professor M. I. Dauletbakova — Honored Worker of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, corresponding member of the Kazakh Academy of Education, Honourable Professor of KazNMU, therapist of the highest category, uncommon person, who made a huge contribution to health care of the Republic and development of the higher education and high school science, talented clinician and teacher directed. Maryam Ilyassovnahas developed and introduced a method of the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)into all medical schools of Kazakhstan, which is also one of the advanced innovative technologies of assessment of knowledge among students up to date. OSCE method has been also introduced into educational process of the majority of the medical schools of the Commonwealth Countries.

Now 11 regular employees (d.m.s, professor M. I. Dauletbakova, d.m.s, professor R.I.Semenova; d.m.s, professor A. K. Kossanova, 4 decents and 3 assistants) are working at the chair. All faculty of the chair has the highest medical category.

Theclinics basesare: city cardiologic center, hospital of emergency medical service, city clinical hospitals No. 1 and No. 7. The staff of chair on bases holds clinical conferences, seminars, master classes, activly participates in medical work of hospitals, publishes scientific articles with doctors. In clinical practice of hospitals are introduced more than 30 innovative technologies on diagnostics and treatment of diseases of internals. The staff of chair introduced and approved modern protocols of diagnostics and treatment of some gastroenterologic, cardiologic diseases, polychemotherapy of oncohematological patients. With participation of the interns, residents and doctors of clinical bases more than 50 scientific and practical conferences have been conducted.

To ensure quality of the educational process, original approach to the organization of independent work has been developed and introduced into the chair, video movies and video lectures are prepared, modern innovative training methodsare constantly introduced, electron library on discipline «Internal illnesses», which isannualy replenished,has been made. Professor R. I. Semenova has published the textbook «Lectures on Pulmonology» (2014).

More than 1555 scientific works have been publishedfor recent years, from them more than 100scientific workshave been published in editions of the near and far abroad, 16 innovative patents have been received.

Within the international cooperation in exchange of the scientific and pedagogical experience the professors from Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey have been invited to the Chair.

The employees of the chair have performed a huge research work within an intra high school grant on the subject “Development of the Scientifically Based Program of Early Diagnostics and Prophylaxis of Arterial Hypertension in Students of Various Ethnic Groups”. Now Candidate of Medical Science, Decent S.B.Zhangelovaconducts scientific work oninternational grant «Qualify — quality of compliance withrecommendations on treatment of heart failure: international research».

The chair is one of the best chairs in the structure of Department of Internal Illnesses No. 2. By estimates of key positions of activity of the employees for recent years the chair constantly takes 1 and 2 advanced places.